Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goals for this week

1. This upcomming week I would like to finish another crazy quilted heart for the heart quilt I am wanting to make.
2. I would like to get alot of work done on the dog kennel , I need to lay done some more ready mix and add 2 more walls. Progress has been so slow on the kennel and it's not all because funds are tight , it's just been so darn hot I've had a hard time dragging myself out to the back yard to work on it.
3. I need to make another art doll for a swap on , I have one of them done and I'll post pic's of her later on today.
4. To lose at least one pound this week , about a month ago I really took a look at myself and I really didn't like what I saw. I was letting myself go. I steped on the scale and I was a whopping 225 pounds. Since that day I have managed to lose 11 pounds. I want to get back down to 140 pounds by my next birtday.
5. To do one random act of kindness this week , maybe send someone a wee surprise in the mail.
6. To not jump on my family so much this week because I'm overtired or stressed out. I have noticed that I've been really grumpy latley and I need to cut that shit out !