Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh I'm Mad!!!!!!

My darn ditial camra isn't working , I had a bunch of photo's I was going to upload today for this blog and the darn camra won't upload any of them . Anyone have any idea's as to what could be wrong with it , it's a Kodak EasyShare C533 .

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cheyenne's 1st Horse Ride

Doen't she look super cute on the back of this horse !! She just loved it , I really would love to get her some lessons. Maybe one day when I'm not so pinched for time .

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm Here - Really :)

Life has been so busy the last couple weeks ya'll , I feel just horrible having neglected my posting I promise that I will try to do better . So far school is going well in science I'm holding a 95 avg , I have my first test in science this upcomming weekend . I'm a little worried about it as I am having a really hard time "getting " the concepts in science . In Psyc I have a 94 avg and my first test is also comming up this weekend in that too but I think I'll do really well in that . I have a 84 avg in Criminal Justice my first test in it was this past week , I did alright on the test but not as well as I had hoped for but I'll know what to look out for on the next one.
The dogs are doing wonderful !! Voilet looks like she has taken , she is starting to devolp a little pouch and is eating like a pig LOL :) The puppies are doing wonderful , I will post pic's of Angel , Max & Lilly tomorrow . Lilly is a puppy that I got along with her mother Jezabel and I will post pic's of those two tommorow also .
I haven't really had much time for any of my projects but this weekend I found a couple of blocks that I had stitched up about 6 - 8 months ago , they were buried in the bottom of my craft closet , I know I have more than what I found as I seem to rember that I was going to make a quilt out of them . I'll do a bit more digging this week & see what I can find . I'll post pic's of them this week .
My fall CQ is kinda on hold at the moment , I've finished block 2 and block 3 is almost peiced I hope to have a spare moment this week to work on block 3 - I think I'm gonna do 9 blocks on this one and call it good. I have to hunt up some more embroidery patterns for this one - If anyone knows where I can find a small bear ( real looking - not teddy bear ) pattern please let me know .
I'm not sure what is up with the tone on tone RR - I haven't seen a new block in a while . Tommorow I'll post to the board and see what I can find out . I do know that my block is with Jo in NZ please go to my side bar and check out her site . She is working on a awesome black CQ for her bed and it looks right smashing .
Well I'm off to bed ya'll I have caught a bit of a cold and I'm feeling kinda yucky right now

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Finally Got My Books !!!!!

I finally got my books Friday , I am so happy :) Now I have a ton of catch up work to get done . I'm almost caught up in Criminal Justice , Psyc I am 1 week behind and in Science I am 1 week behind . I thought 3 classes really wasn't much but I guess I was wrong LOL , I'm finding it tough to squeze in the time for everything so if I lag behind in my posting please forgive me . I am finding the science class a real challenge I hope I'll be able to do it , I'm just not getting the concept of it , I guess I'll just have to study harder . Well I'm off to go hit the books again , maybe I'll be able to get out to the dog pens at some time today as I've got 3 more bags of ready mix to lay down !!

Almost Done

Well I am finally almost done with block #2 . I just have a couple more seams to go then I can start on block #3.