Saturday, June 30, 2007

My puppy Angel

This is the little merle pup that I am keeping . We will be calling her Rat Pac's Angel Eye's - Angel for short. When she gets big enough I want to breed her to a choclate male to try to produce a red merle

Friday, June 29, 2007

Redwork RR - Sharon's Block

This is Sharon's Block stitched up by Anita , who by the way does very nice stitches. Sharon chose some of the cutest little patterns they are children of the world . I finally decided on Turkey though I really liked Egypt too ! I am a huge Egypt buff , I love studying about anicent Egypt !! I will post a photo of my Turkey child when I get her done

Sandra's puppy's

This is Sandra's little merle female . We have started calling her Annie . She will be turning 2 weeks old on Tuesday . As soon as she opens her eye's I will worm her with one of the best wormers I have ever found , it's called Strongid T . My vet Dr. Fazio in Rosepine sells it to me. I love this stuff , you can't O.D. your puppy's on it

And this is Sandra's other little female , we call her Daisy . What can I say my 4 yr old came up with the names ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Few Home Remidies




For constapation - 1 teaspoon canned pumkin pie filling - the unsweetened kind

Chamagne Rat Terriers

Basically and simply, there is a Cr gene or champagne gene that causes [severe to moderate] dilution to occur. This is the same gene/allele that is found in most mammals and studied most extensively in albino horses, which are by the way, NOT true albinos as they do not have pink eyes that totally lack pigmentation. They are creme just as your "white tigers" and "white" Dobermans are---excessively diluted individuals correctly called cremellos and perlinos based on the form of their actual color mutation, but the effects on all mammals are genetically the same. This Cr gene causes a light iris coloration AND for the nose leather to fade especially in winter. While others are born with color and stay that way, these creme/champagne offspring are generally born white or near white and they tend to gradually "color" with age. (This coloring up effect is generally seen in lighter colored palomino horses and is caused from the same cr gene.) This coloring up is how you can determine if this cr gene is present in an individual.

Any dog with this cr/creme coloration should be bred only to a black and white tri...depending on the true genotype of the tri parent, you'll get a wide variety of colors in your offspring as this cr gene can mix AND dilute ANY color or pattern including excessive dilutes that are what are considered ALBINOS in dogdom and are a breed disqualification--- and these double dilutes also are capable of producing the genetic defects of the lethal white syndrome.... when this cr gene is doubled in pairs the cr/cr individual dies in utero, is stillborn or dies shortly after birth.

In genetics there are only two colors, red and black. All others are only variations of intensities.
The diluted intensities of these recessive colorations come from repetitively breeding recessive colors without occasionally going back to the darker and much needed, black. When recessive alleles are paired in doubles, they cause the base colors to be dramatically lightened in the individual: cafe au lait, lemon, silver, fawn, creme etc..
You can breed blues which are a dilute of black or chocolates which are also a diluted coloration, to another individual of their same color factor and get a good dark blues or chocolates, BUT the chances are according to the laws of probability that only a 25% will be as dark as the darkest parent, 50% will be a color intensity somewhere between the colors of both parents and 25% will be lighter than the lightest parent. Parents can only pass on those gene that they have, and each offspring only receives half of each parents DNA, so these figures can and do change according to how the genes are paired, and with these dilutes THEY must be paired for the individual to exhibit them. But the basic rule is the lighter the individual, the lighter their offspring can be and we are not trying to produce albinos.
Black is dominate, but our breed is heterozygous, having many colors and the genes for them. The best and most efficiently way to get "good colors" is to ideally breed your dilutes to a tri with black that has a parent, or one or more grandparent/s of the coloration you wish to produce. Your number of colored offspring will vary depending of the actual genotype of the pair you breed, and you may get some tri's with black, BUT the offspring will be darkly hued and these tri's with black will also have these recessive genes in their genetic makeup which will allow you to use them in your breeding programs to get those colorations you want in more quanities. With repetitive breeding and culling, you can develop a family of homozygous dogs that will produce only chocolates, or blues or apricots/orange etc. But you have to do it this way to develop DOMINATE recessives families of dogs. This is how they developed the red Dobermans, the red/liver Springer Spaniels, and even the double recessive colorations of the Weimaraner from those early dogs of liver German Pointer breedings.Color can be of a lethal (or delayed lethal as in the gray's which RT's are not known to have) variety, but the effect of color on the immune system is generally related to other factors

Monday, June 25, 2007

Here are the pic's of Cleo and Junior's last litter. She had 7 babies out of the 7 4 males and 3 females. I was hopeing for another black merle female in this new litter but it wasn't to be :( Maybe in the next litter .

Well this is my progress after almopst 3 months of working on it. Pretty sad really , though I can say in my defence that 2 of those 3 months I was working 90 hours a week. The first pen is almost finished now though Yeah !!! I just have 1 side and then the door. The rest of the pens should go alot smoother as I can work on it alot more , well if the weather doesn't act up that is. Each pen is 12 x 12 . I have devoted a 1/2 acre to my dog pens. It will be really nice when I get done with it. When I started this the whole area was nothing but blackberry bushes and Bull Nettle. Oh yeah Ant beds too, by the Gods I hate them damn ants !! And those blackberry bushes grow back so darn fast it seems like I'm mowing every other day . I think that over the last 3 months I have been bitten or stung by every damn bug that Louisiana has to throw at me ! Did I ever mention how much I really hate bugs ! And by the way for those of you who have never stepped on Bull Nettle , that crap stings worse than any bug I have ever come across !

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Unsafe foods to Feed your Dog

Common Foods That Are Unsafe For Your Dog
The ASPCA's List of 13 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet-- Items to Avoid Reasons to Avoid Them

Alcoholic beverages - can cause intoxication, coma and death.

Avocado - Its high fat content can lead to Pancreatitis.

Chocolate (all forms) - Contains caffeine, theobromine or theophylline which can be toxic to the heart and nervous system.

Coffee (all forms) - Contains caffeine which can be toxic to the heart and nervous system.

Fatty foods Can cause Pancreatitis.

Macadamia nuts - Contains toxins which can affect the muscles, digestive system, and nervous system.

Moldy or spoiled foods Could contain multiple toxins

Onions, onion powder - Contains sulfoxides and disulfides which can damage red blood cells, resulting in anemia.

Raisins and grapes - Contains toxins which can damage kidneys, cause kidney failure and lead to death.

Salt - Can cause electrolyte imbalance if eaten in suffient quantities.

Yeast dough (Unbaked) - Can expand in digestive system and cause bloat, leading to death.

Garlic - Similar to onions (above) except garlic is considered to be less toxic and safe for dogs when used in moderation. Often used to flavor food or treats but should be used sparingly. Products sweetened with xylitol - This common artifical sweetener can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar resulting depression, loss of coordination, and seizures.

Baby Food - Could contain onion powder (see onions, above).

Cherry, Peach, Plum, & Apricot Pits, Apple & Pear Seeds - Contain cyanogenic glycosides which can result in cyanide poisoning. It is best to avoid all pits and seeds unless you know them to be safe.

Chicken or Fish Bones - Can splinter, causing lacerations and can also cause obstructions. Green

Potato Skins - Contains a toxin, solanine, which is only found in green tubers and green potato skins. Cooked potatoes are safe and nutritious for dogs.

Hops (used in making beer) - Causes panting, increased heart rate, elevated temperature, seizures and death.

Milk and Dairy Products - Like people, some dogs can be lactose intolerant, resulting in diarrhea.

Mushrooms - Depending on the mushroom, toxic effects include damage to the liver, heart, or kidneys causing death.

Turkey Skin - The high fat content in turkey skin can cause acute Pancreatitis in dogs.

Raw Salmon - Those feeding their dogs a raw diet, please avoid raw salmon which can contain a parasite that causes an illness (SPD) with a 90% mortality rate.

Raw Eggs - Best to avoid since it can cause a depletion of biotin and be contaminated with salmonella.

Sugar - Bad for teeth and could contribute to the onset of Diabetes.

Tomatoes/Tomato Plants - Contains toxins known to cause dilated pupils, tremors and irregular heartbeat. The leaves and stems of tomato plants are the most toxic followed by unripe (green) tomatoes and ripe (red) tomatoes.

Walnuts & most nuts - Walnuts are poisonous to dogs. Many nuts are not good for dogs in general; their high phosporus content is said to possibly lead to bladder stones.

When in doubt, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour emergency hotline at (888) 426-4435.

Puppy update

Well the puppies are now 5 days old and doing very well ! I docked their tails and clipped their dewclaws the other day . I hate that part but you do what you have to do. Tonight I'm bleaching out the dog house and changing their bedding. I hit a lawn sale yesterday and got a whole pile of old blankets to use for dog bedding for under a dollar. I only buy the ones that people really wouldn't want to use , my way of recyling a wee bit. I'll post new pic's of them soon after they turn a week old.

And more hearts

I'm not quite sue what fabric I'll use to put these on maybe black velvet. I know I'm gonna need about 30 of these hearts for the quilt I want to make. I have about 12 done so far , I'll post the others a diffrent day :)

Hearts for my Heart Quilt

Here are some of the heart's I have made for the heart quilt I am making

Some of my UFO's

So I think I must be queen of UFO"s :) . These are just three of the many that I have ! This one on top is a string quilt that I still have to put two more rows on and then quilt. It's for my bed , if and when I ever get around to finishing it. I really need to get off my butt and get it done as it would look great on my bed ! :)

Now this one is a sampler quilt. It has been years in the making. Beside my computer desk is bins of cotton fabric. I had decided that once a month or so I would sew up a 12 inch block and kinda use up some of my fabric as every time I go to Walmart I feel the need to buy more fabric. But anyways - I got as far as 20 blocks and decided that I would just put them all together. I've gotten quite far on this one. I just need to quilt it! I really don't like the quilting part. Hopefully by 2008 I'll have it finished. It won't fit my bed but maybe I'll give it to one of the kids.


This is Brody he is owned by my freind Sandra . She just got him yesterday. He is one fine looking little fellow. He is a Blue Tri-coloured Tux . He has just got the prettiest little head on him ! If I'm really lucky Sandra will let me borrow him to stud Cleo when she comes back into heat around November ! I bet the two of them would make some wicked babies. I need to ask Sandra what colours he carries in his lines because a Blue x Choclate mating can produce pearl a very sought after colour in the Rat Terrier.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just awsome !!!

So I was just surfing the web and came across the most amazing braclet I have ever seen !! I need to learn how to make this ! I found this pic on a blog called Another Country Beadwork and I have linked to it in my fav blogs. I will be visting this site alot . I have always had a passion for beads , I use them a whole bunch in my crazy quilting . It's time for me to branch out , what awsome gifts a braclet like this would make ! I just know my cousin Jenny would go crazy over something like this.


Here is a pic of a little bear I made for a swap on . I named him Harvey. I'm not really fond of this pattern. It was hard as heck to get the legs to look right. If I was going to do another bear it would not be from this pattern !

Deamon Dog :)

This is newborn Deamon Dog . She is 5 days old in this photo.

This is Deamon Dog at 4 weeks old
Now this is Deamon Dog all grown up. She is from the last Junior x Cleo mating. Deamon weighs in at 5 pounds. I will be breeding her around December . I'm not quite sure who I'm going to breed her to yet. She carries for blue , choclate, blue merle , and red . I'm going to start hunting for a male for her around October, I think that I would like to bred her to a choclate male.

Goals for this week

1. This upcomming week I would like to finish another crazy quilted heart for the heart quilt I am wanting to make.
2. I would like to get alot of work done on the dog kennel , I need to lay done some more ready mix and add 2 more walls. Progress has been so slow on the kennel and it's not all because funds are tight , it's just been so darn hot I've had a hard time dragging myself out to the back yard to work on it.
3. I need to make another art doll for a swap on , I have one of them done and I'll post pic's of her later on today.
4. To lose at least one pound this week , about a month ago I really took a look at myself and I really didn't like what I saw. I was letting myself go. I steped on the scale and I was a whopping 225 pounds. Since that day I have managed to lose 11 pounds. I want to get back down to 140 pounds by my next birtday.
5. To do one random act of kindness this week , maybe send someone a wee surprise in the mail.
6. To not jump on my family so much this week because I'm overtired or stressed out. I have noticed that I've been really grumpy latley and I need to cut that shit out !

Friday, June 22, 2007

Parents of my new litter

This is the sire of the litter , His name is " Rat Pac's Tequila Sunrise " otherwise know to us as Junior . My 6 yr old son wade named him after himself when we first got Junior . His colour is called Blue Merle and is quite rare in the Rat Terrier. I catch alot of hell for my desion to breed this colour in the Rat Terrier . I want to say that I did a whole heck of alot of research on this colour before I ever decided to add it to my kennel. I learned how the merle gene works , what causes the "leathal white gene " . I do not force people to buy my merle pups but I do educate them before I will ever sell them a pup and if I feel that they will not be good owners or are a puppymill breeder I will refuse to sell to them . For me it's not about the $$ (trust me you really don't make much of a profit ) but for the love of the breed itself !

Now this is my baby Cleo " Rat Pac's Princess " She is such a good little mamma . This dog has got one of the sweetest temperments I have ever seen. Cleo has never met a person she couldn't lick to pieces !! This is Cleo's third litter. Her first litter she was bred to Juniors full blooded brother Rambo and had two puppies , her second litter she was bred to Junior and had seven babies ( I kept one of her daughters from that litter - Deamon Dog ) and this litter she was also bred to Junior and had 5 babies !

Redwork RR

This is a block that I stitched for Anita as part of the
Redwork RR that I am hosting. This was so much
fun to stitch. Her patterns were so pretty it made it
hard to decide which one to choose . I chose this one because one of my little Rat Terriers is named Violet .
I am very excited because soon I will be getting another package in the mail .

A New Litter of Puppies

Here are pictures of my new litter born on 6/19/07 . These picture were taken just a little while after they were born. Four female an d only one male ! The little male is the black tri with the most white. So far one of the merle females and the black & tan with just the tips of her toe white are spoken for . They will be going into my freind Sandra's breeding program . I am thinking about keeping the merle with the dark blue patches , she is just so pretty and I have not kept any merle pups so far.


This is Ralph , a little crazy quilted turtle that I made for a turtle swap on a site called . I just loved how he turned out !! Ralph is the first crazy quilted stuffie I have ever made. Ralph moved to Alaska a few weeks ago . I'm glad it was him and not me as I can't stand the cold weather !!!