Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3 weeks old !!

This is the babies first feeding and boy did they make quite a mess . They turned 3 weeks old on Thursday , it's a little soon but they are dragging their momma down so I figured that I would give them a go at eating to try to keep some of the burden off of Voilet. They did very well their first feeding , I feed them canned dog food mixed with canned milk to make it pretty soupy. I will try to post more pic's of these babies soon , I have a bunch more pic's but it take forever to get them uploaded.
Hugs All !!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Long Time No Post - New Puppies

Well we had puppies on 10/25/07 from Voilet and Rocky . As you can see I am now up and running with a new ditial camera, I'm not real pleased with it as the photo quality was much better in my other one. I also had 2 females bred . Cleo my chocolate female was bred 2 weeks ago to my black tri stud Bo Jr. and my white female is being bred right now to my blue merle stud Junior . Also it looks like I may be having 2 more coming into heat very soon , my pearl female Tinkerbell and my black tri female Demon Dog( daughter of Cleo X Junior). So I should be extra busy here in a couple of months !!!
I will add more puppy pic's tommorow after work :)