Monday, January 12, 2009

A Redwork Mini & School has Started

Well I have finialy gotten around to posting a pic of the mini quilt that I made for the November round of Swap Til' You Drop. I just love it & I'm going to have to make one for my wall this summer. Posting will be few as school has started in again and I'm taking 3 courses this semester.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am so mad !!

Arrg - I'm so mad I could scream !! Phoenix's ducks have finally gone to laying and we had 2 pretty little eggs last night. Well this morning when I went out to see if the momma was setting on them I discovered that they were gone :( Phoenix is going to be so upset when he gets home from scool today . I figure that it was a coon who stole the eggs, now I have to spend a good bit of the day coon proofing the pen. I hope the little bugger comes back tonight because if he does he's in for it !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow People !!

I recived the most amazing package from Andrea yesterday. Look at all the wonderful presents she sent me!

Look at these wonderful gifts . The little quilt is so adorable and Isis has really taken a liking to it :) I had to chase her around the house to get it back LOL ! The yummy fudge Andrea sent didn't last very long :)

I finially got the little bogger to hold still by whipping out the camera LOL :) She happy now because I hung this adorable little quilt on her side of the bedroom. Thank you so much Andrea we love this wee little quilt :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update on Bea's Quilt

Well I have finally gotten around to showing ya'll the borders on Bea's mini quilt. I still have a ton left to do on it though, I need to find my little chalk pencil today so I can get to mapping out what needs to be done on it :) I hope Bea likes it . I'll be back soon with more progress pics:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Back :)

These are some of the blocks that I have made for Bea's little quilt. The name of the block is called Bouncing Betty - If I have time before school starts in again I'd like to do a tutorial on this block as I've learned some really neat tricks to it :) This block is a great scrap buster for those itty bitty scraps too :)

Here is a sneak peak to my December quiltie on the Swap Til' You Drop group. I'm a little bit behind getting it sent out but I hope to have it in the mail by Monday. My camera really doesn't like this quiltie for some reason :( I must have taken a dozen photo's and they all came out blurry. It also doesn't show the little snowflakes or the beads very well on this mini quilt.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shifting Gears

Ugh, it looks like I'm going to have to shift gears on the little quilt for Bea :( These little blocks are just taking way to long and I'm so crunched for time that I can spend at the sewing machine right now. I think what I am going to do is make a sampler, this way I can cut out a couple of blocks and take them to work to hand sew together. I already have a few ready to go for tonight at work and I'll show pic's in the morning when I get home. I have Grandmother's Flower Garden, a Fan block and a Lemoyne Star ready to go for tonight :) I should be able to get all three done tonight if my client stays asleep .

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swap Quilts :)

Here is the wonderful little mini quilt that I recived in the November Swap Til' You Drop. This one was made by Michelle and I just love it !!

Here is a close up of the other November mini quilt. I adore this one, how much better can you get than orange and black ??

Here they are up on the wall. I had to start on the next wall as I ran out of room on my first quilt wall. I really need to repaint my walls but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe this summer if I don't have to take summer classes. I think I want to redo it in a nice pale blue :)

This is the mini quilt that I made for Michelle. She should be reciving it any day now. I had forgotten to take a pic of the other mini quilt that I made for this month's swap so I will have to wait to snag a picture when it gets posted to the group.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thinking Out Loud

Feel free to skip this post as I'm kinda trying to get my thoughts in order.

Fine Arts
1. Assignment 8 -- Due Dec 3rd
2. Assignment 9 -- Due Dec 10th
3. Test -- Due Dec 3rd
4. Finials -- Due Dec 10th

1. Assignment 18 -- Due DEc 3rd
2. Web Pages Ass. -- Due Dec 10
3. Test -- Due Dec 5th
4. D.B. -- Due Dec 1st
5. D.B. -- Due Dec 5th
6. Finials -- Due Dec 12th(?)
The Web document
The web document you create will actually consist of three separate documents:

1. Your home page, which must contain your name, at least two paragraphs of your choosing (describing something about yourself, your goals, hobbies, etc.), your email address, etc., and the date of last modification of the page. Include at least one graphic on your home page. Save this file as index.

2. Your resume, which must include the standard items found in a resume: Career Objective, Education, Employment or Experience, and Activities. If you don't have a prepared resume, do an Internet search for sample resumes so you can see what a good resume looks like. You may also visit the Career Planning and Placement Center located in the Student Union. If you do not feel comfortable putting your "real" telephone number, address, etc. then use a fictitious one. It is important that you know how to prepare a resume. Save this file as resume.

3. Your "Fun Stuff" document, may be a document about you, your interests, your pet, or anything that you feel would be fun for someone to view. This page should be colorful and fun! Use your imagination but do NOT make it all pictures. Save this file as funstuff

Oh how I wish that my blog counted for this assignment!

You must include the following elements somewhere in one of your documents unless specified in a particular area:
· at least one bulleted list of items (minimum 3 items) in the resume document
· some text that is bolded (can be one or more words)
· some text that is underlined (can be one or more words but hyper links are not counted)
· some text that is in color (can be one or more words)
· a phrase that is blinking or an animated gif (a little picture that moves or dances)
· at least 2 horizontal lines
· at least two graphics, may be a photo that you have scanned in or some clipart that you have copied off the web. You may not use any graphic/clipart that is copyrighted. Before you use a graphic, check the bottom of the document to see if it is copyrighted. Some people don't mind you using a graphic as long as you credit them as the source. Strictly adhere to this policy--always credit your source when asked to do so.
· a background that is different from the gray default background

Tips on style
Write short, concise text
Do not capitalize entire words or sentences
Check spelling and grammar!!
Use special formatting (bold, blink, etc.) but don't overdo it
Think CONTRAST--Use dark printing on light background
Or light printing on dark background
Don't make your text too small! It's too hard to read.
You may include music, but don't overdo it.
Try to come up with a theme that ties your documents together.

You are to add hyperlinks to your three Web documents so that these documents are a coherent Web site ).
You must have, as a minimum, the following links in your Web documents:
A link from your home page to your resume
A link from your home page to Fun Stuff
At least one link from your home page to some external Web document
Links from the resume and Fun Stuff Back to your home page
At least one bookmark (target, anchor) in your home page that allows you to jump to another part of the home page. This link should be labeled "Return to Top of Page" and should be located at the bottom of your home page. If the user clicks on it, it will return you back to the top of your home page.
Include an email link to your active email account that can be used
Each link will be worth 3 points, for a total of 18 points for Links .

How to turn in your Home Page
1. All of your documents, graphics, etc. for the web page should be saved in a folder name Lastname WebPage on your hard drive or a disk (floppy or flash drive). You are to zip the files in the WebPage folder and email it to your Instructor as an attachment. (Zipping files was discussed in Chapter 15).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Wonderful Mini

This wonderful little mini was made for me by Sewwonderful on the Swap Til' You Drop flickr group. I love it, black & orange are my 2 favorite colours ! I will be showing the 2 that I made for this month soon, just a bit of binding to sew down before I can mail them out.
Yeah I've got the house to myself for a little while today. The kids are at school and the Hubby just went to go help a buddy of his brick a house. This is such a rare treat that I don't know what to do with myself LOL - I have a test today so I think I'll get that done fist thing and then sew the rest of the day - well at least untill noon then I have to sleep for a bit before I go to work tonight.