Friday, January 9, 2009

I am so mad !!

Arrg - I'm so mad I could scream !! Phoenix's ducks have finally gone to laying and we had 2 pretty little eggs last night. Well this morning when I went out to see if the momma was setting on them I discovered that they were gone :( Phoenix is going to be so upset when he gets home from scool today . I figure that it was a coon who stole the eggs, now I have to spend a good bit of the day coon proofing the pen. I hope the little bugger comes back tonight because if he does he's in for it !


black bear cabin said...

That is soooo frustrating!!! Nothing is safe in our neck of the woods fact this last October our cat and the neighbors cat disappeared within a week of each other....doh! And our cat was a seasoned mountain cat, so we can only guess either a fox, a coyote, or a bobcat (all which have been spotted around here lately). We have racoons i suppose they could be on the list. At any rate, without a cat around here, we will soon have mice and other annoying critters, so i guess we'll eventually have to get another one :) Jordyn will be happy though! Good luck with the reinforced pen!