Friday, June 22, 2007

Parents of my new litter

This is the sire of the litter , His name is " Rat Pac's Tequila Sunrise " otherwise know to us as Junior . My 6 yr old son wade named him after himself when we first got Junior . His colour is called Blue Merle and is quite rare in the Rat Terrier. I catch alot of hell for my desion to breed this colour in the Rat Terrier . I want to say that I did a whole heck of alot of research on this colour before I ever decided to add it to my kennel. I learned how the merle gene works , what causes the "leathal white gene " . I do not force people to buy my merle pups but I do educate them before I will ever sell them a pup and if I feel that they will not be good owners or are a puppymill breeder I will refuse to sell to them . For me it's not about the $$ (trust me you really don't make much of a profit ) but for the love of the breed itself !

Now this is my baby Cleo " Rat Pac's Princess " She is such a good little mamma . This dog has got one of the sweetest temperments I have ever seen. Cleo has never met a person she couldn't lick to pieces !! This is Cleo's third litter. Her first litter she was bred to Juniors full blooded brother Rambo and had two puppies , her second litter she was bred to Junior and had seven babies ( I kept one of her daughters from that litter - Deamon Dog ) and this litter she was also bred to Junior and had 5 babies !