Monday, June 25, 2007

Well this is my progress after almopst 3 months of working on it. Pretty sad really , though I can say in my defence that 2 of those 3 months I was working 90 hours a week. The first pen is almost finished now though Yeah !!! I just have 1 side and then the door. The rest of the pens should go alot smoother as I can work on it alot more , well if the weather doesn't act up that is. Each pen is 12 x 12 . I have devoted a 1/2 acre to my dog pens. It will be really nice when I get done with it. When I started this the whole area was nothing but blackberry bushes and Bull Nettle. Oh yeah Ant beds too, by the Gods I hate them damn ants !! And those blackberry bushes grow back so darn fast it seems like I'm mowing every other day . I think that over the last 3 months I have been bitten or stung by every damn bug that Louisiana has to throw at me ! Did I ever mention how much I really hate bugs ! And by the way for those of you who have never stepped on Bull Nettle , that crap stings worse than any bug I have ever come across !