Saturday, January 12, 2008

1 Week Old

These babies turned 1 week old on Wednesday . The first photo is the chocolate male Cody , the second photo is of Maisie the female , and the third photo is of the little male Bear . These little babies are just so cute :) Jezebel had her babies Thursday , I will try to post photo's of them today before I go to work but if not I will post them tomorrow.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting close

Well I have started to applique my fan to the background fabric. It comming along pretty slow , seems like it has taken forever to get it to this point. I hope to be able to start embellishing it by this weekend.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Contest Time !!

I thought it would be fun to host a little contest as a kind of change of pace . The prize will be a good sized baggie full of fabric ( lots of silk , satin ect ..) maybe some neat buttons , trims , beads ,threads ect... I really need to clean out some of my stash and thought this would be a fun way to do it. I will have y'all post a comment and then on the LAST day of Jan I will put all the names into a bowl and have my daughter draw a name out - maybe a couple of names if I get lots of comments.

A busy day

Well I had a busy day yesterday , however I was able to get the fans sewed together . I also had to drive to Leesville after work to get my books for this upcoming semester. I hope to be able to get this sewed to the background fabric today . I changed out a few of the fabrics as they just weren't working out , I really like it much better this way. I also have the second one to pick fabric's for and to stitch up , I hope to have that done by this weekend. I will make the bases of all the fans out of a neat wrinkled cream fabric that I have ( I hope that I have enough of it !! ) and they will be set on black fabric.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Some fan blades

Man this camera really stinks !! These fan blades look so much diffrent in person . The first blade is a dark cream fabric , the second is almost an olive color the third one is close to a light celery colour , the forth one is a really pretty royal purple and the last one is a very pretty medium green . I think I need to find some prints to go with these solids , I thought I would like it all solids but they really need something to spice them up.

Fabric's picked out

Well yesterday I didn't get quite as far as I wanted with my fans. It took forever to hunt through all of my fabric's to find what I thought would be suitable . Then when I laid them all out together it was way to pastel looking so off to Goodwill I went. I was able to find a few silk shirts (yesterday was thier 50 cent sale ) I have decided that I will do 2 blocks for each month , that will give me a total of 24 by the end of the year . If I add sashing it will make a nice sized CQ , now I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to go through with it and it won't land by the wayside as I would really like to give it to my oldest daughter Cheyenne. Stay tuned for some pic's after I get home tonight y'all

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grab a Cuppa

I have just discovered the most amazing blog !! It's called Threads Across The Web . Carol-Anne does the most amazing embroidery I have ever seen , I've just spent the last 45 min reading her blog - so grab yourself a cuppa and get ready for a great read !! Now I really am off to go pull fabric's for that fan block.

Take It Futher Challenge

Over on Sharron B's blog there is a new challenge , it's called the Take It Futher Challenge and it is a spin off of her TAST series that she ran last year. On the first of each month she will post 2 options the first option will be a pallet of colours and the second option will be a theme. You can use any medium to work with . I think this may be fun . I didn't officaly sign up for the challenge because I'm afraid that with school and all I may not be able to keep up with everyone else. But I'm going to try to give it a shot , I really like the colours and the theme for this month .
And the theme is neat too , the theme is someone you admire/look up to. I had thought at first that I wanted to do a beaded journal page for this challenge using the theme but I really don't think that I will have the time because classes start on the 12th of this month . I think that I will use the colours and get back to work on my fan quilt. I think that if I try to apply the pallet to what I'm doing I will have a better chance of somewhat keeping up with the challenge. Well I'm off to go pull fabric for my fan block. I am gonna tag all the posts relating to this challenge with TIFC so be sure to keep an eye on my side bar.
Here is the addy to get more info about this challenge :)
Hugs Y'all

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sadie Girl

This our new baby Sadie girl . I bought her last Saturday , she is a 1/2 pound Chihuahua. Unknown to us she had a really bad case of pnemonia ( spellings probley off on that ! ) I have about lost her a few times now but I think she is finally on the mend. I'll post more pic's of this sweet little baby in a few day's . Y'all just please keep her in your thoughts that she is able to pull through this .

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yeah !! New Puppies :)

Here are Cleo's new babies . The first one is a little chocolate female and the other two are males. These guys should mature around 6 to 7 pounds. After Cleo has weaned this litter I will be giving her a rest from whelping puppies for 6 months to 1 year. She has been a wonderful momma and really deserves a break.
Jezebel is due to be having her babies in about 1 1/2 weeks so things will be getting very crazy around here :) I also got a new puppy Saturday , her name is Sadie and I will be posting more about her later on . The next couple of days I will be very busy building a couple of new whelping pens .