Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Building Again

Well I'm starting a new dog pen tonight when I get home from work , I had planned to start it last week but that didn't happen because of that ear infection. I have all my wood cut ( I hope I cut it all right this time LOL ) now I just have to dig some holes and get to building. I hope this pen turnes out better than the last one LOL !! The last one my measurements were way off and the darn door won't hang right - but oh well I never said I was a carpenter !! This pen will house Jezebell as she will be having her babies very soon ( end of Jan to the first part of Feb ) I am planning on it being 10x8 feet.
Ugg - so I was petting opal last night and that dog is pregnate . I bet anything the stray German Shepard from a few weeks ago got her . I was going to get her spayed but kept on putting it off :( As soon as she weans these babies she is going straight to Dr. Fazio's to get spayed - I'm not putting it off again !!!!
Hugs All - have a wonderful day !!