Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A couple of Fans

Well this is as far as I have gotten with my new Fan quilt . It's going kinda slow as I also have the Fall C.Q. to work on & the Redwork RR. Also I had ro revise my pattern as the one that I had started out with was not working . These will be 9 inch blocks instead of 12 inch blocks but that's alright . Cheyenne has picked out the fabrics for these two fans and I think she has done a wonderful job for being 11 years old . I have a couple of questions for those of you who read my blog -
1. Should I make all the fan base's the same colour ( I have a medium grey ) or should the base's match the fan ?
2. Should I put the fans on some black satin or some light rose satin ?
3. Should I give ya'll pic's to see what they look like on each fabric ?
4. Should I do sashing or a straight set ?


Gerry said...

Just my 2 cents, and remember that I LOVE COLOR!
1. I would contrast the bases from the fan panels. I'm not sure what medium grey would look like on the lighter colors, though. How many fans are you making? And what color combos do you have?
2. I would opt for black. It's very neutral and elegant.
3. Photos might not be a bad idea.
4. I would opt for sashing. And possibly in your medium grey if you have enough, and decided to also use it for the bases.

Mostly, just do what YOU LIKE! Because it will be beautiful :-)


definitely sashing--definitely black--do what pleases you for the base..I couldnt even give you a guess at this point so yea-more pics would be terrific! have lots of fun! *~*CAROLE*~* (cq4newbies)

Gail said...

I have to agree, black for the background of the blocks, will make the fans pop.
I think I would make the fan bases coordinate with the fan fabric, perhaps in a different value. To me this would make each fan stand on its own, not just its blades.
I have to agree with sashing, thus creating a frame for each fan.
Looking forward to more pictures. I am sure you will choose just the right treatment.

NormaH said...

This is your quilt and you have to be happy with the finished product ...BUT ...
here comes my 2 cents ..... black background, sashing, and I would do each fan base to show off each fan even if that means all bases are different. Of course I like scrap quilts and the background and sashing would tie everything together.

piney cq said...

Hi, Amy....Like everyone else says, this is your project and you have to be happy with it. Is this the one for your brother? Be sure the colors will fit for him too? I personally would use sashing to tie it all together. As to the backgrounds, it really depends on the overall look you're after... the bases, try varying them. If it looks funky....make em the same. Just play and have fun! Smiles!!!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Oh definitely different colored bases for the fans. After all, it's a "crazy" quilt -- you can never have too much color.

Louisiana Momma said...

love your fabric choices and can't wait to see the finished product.. I have been toying with the idea of some fan quilting.. but I haven't gotten the courage up yet :-)