Saturday, August 25, 2007

You ever have one of those day's ??

Today has just been one of those day's for me today . Nothing has gone right for me today . As some of you may know I am trying to go to College on-line fron Northwestern here in Louisiana for a Bacholor of Pscy , well it's not going so well.From the start it has not gone well , it took almost a month to get Maine to fax the college my GED scores .Then after all that it's taken almost 3 weeks to get ahold of finacal aid just to find out that I need a whole bunch more forms filled out ! I have been trying to get my books all week long but still can't get aproval from finacial aid . Finacial aid is doing one of those random verifcations on me & it will be 4 to 6 weeks before that is done , I will have to drop out of the 3 classes that I am registered for :( I guess I'm going to have to hope that it all goes alright and I don't get charged for the classes because I just don't have the cash to pay them right now . I knew when the lady at the Registration office wanted to sign me up for the classes before I got ahold of Finacial Aide was a really bad idea. At this point I'm just a hair away from saying to hell with it all !! I'm going to have to call them Monday & tell them to drop me from those classes for this semester . I'm just so upset , maybe it's not ment for me to go back to school :(


Louisiana Momma said...

Don't let it get you down.. remember - delay is not denial. Stay in prayer and keep the faith.. perhaps not this semester, but you will surely have the financial aid thing ironed out before next semester - which will be here before you know it. I will say a prayer for you :-)