Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Building Again

Well I'm starting a new dog pen tonight when I get home from work , I had planned to start it last week but that didn't happen because of that ear infection. I have all my wood cut ( I hope I cut it all right this time LOL ) now I just have to dig some holes and get to building. I hope this pen turnes out better than the last one LOL !! The last one my measurements were way off and the darn door won't hang right - but oh well I never said I was a carpenter !! This pen will house Jezebell as she will be having her babies very soon ( end of Jan to the first part of Feb ) I am planning on it being 10x8 feet.
Ugg - so I was petting opal last night and that dog is pregnate . I bet anything the stray German Shepard from a few weeks ago got her . I was going to get her spayed but kept on putting it off :( As soon as she weans these babies she is going straight to Dr. Fazio's to get spayed - I'm not putting it off again !!!!
Hugs All - have a wonderful day !!

Monday, December 17, 2007

I found a neat pattern

Well I've found my first pattern that I want to stitch for the CQ below. This bad boy is gonna take awhile . Now I have to decide on a background colour and thread choices. Any suggestions?????

Sunday, December 16, 2007

All I can say is WOW !!!

This quilt was made in 1883 by Lucy Zimmerman . I found it tonight on Ebay and man do I wish that I had an extra 500 -600 $ in my back pocket because this quilt would so be mine !!! It has such an intersesting layout . One day - if I ever have enough time - I would like to try to recreate it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Few more Puppy Pic's

Here are a couple more pic's of the babies :) This litter has been so much fun , alot of hard work and late nights but fun none the less . I'll be very sad to see these babies go :( However I have 2 more litter's on the way , Cleo is due the end of Jan - she was bred to Bo Jr. and Jezebel is due the end of Jan - 1st week of Feb . Jez was bred to Junior , this is my first time breeding Jez so I'm very excited to see what this breeding produces !!!

I Passed !!!!!!! Tobi leaving :(

Well y'all I passed this semester's classes in Psych I got a B and in Science I got a B also ( on my science finials I got 272 points out of 300 , not to shabby !! ) I have a couple of weeks off , next semester starts on Jan 12th so I'm gonna do some stitching :) Lots and lots of stitching , it's about killed me this last semester to hardly be able to pick up a needle . I'll be taking English ( YUCK ) and Early American History.
Tobi is going to his new home tomorrow . I'm kinda sad , I was going to keep this little guy but I really needed the $$$ with Christmas and all . He is going to a good home though , a lady by the name of Terri is getting him and she sound absolutely wonderful !

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Creation & Ear Infection

Well I have been down with a very nasty ear infection :( I had to go to the ER Wensday , that was not my idea of a good time !! They had to put a wick in my ear - damn that hurt , my left ear had swelled totaly shut . Even with a good sized dose of Demorol I still yelled like a 2 year old when they put in the wick. I was able to create this adorable little primitive heart , I am making a set of 3 of these little bowl fillers, I'm going to try to sell them on Ebay and make a little bit of pocket money. I hope that they go over well as they are really alot of work .

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

5 Weeks old - And way too cute !!!!

This here is Tobi at 5 weeks old , this little guy is a cutie pie , he's got a really sweet temperment . He just loves to be held and loved on !

This is Ginger , we are keeping her . This little girl is really tiny, I figure that she will be around 4 to 4 1/2 pounds full grown. I am most likley going to bred her to Max , the little black tri from Cleo's last litter.

At this point it is looking like she will have green eye's which is way cool ! Her marking are darkening up since she was born and that's a good thing too.

This is Amber , she was Robert's pick of the litter for using his little stud Rocky. I really like how this little girl is turning out & I Think that Robert will be happy with her.
I still have 2 more puppy's from this litter to post pic's of , maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to do it tommorow.
Night ya'll .....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hi Everyone

Well this semester is about over , I have finials next week so I'm really happy . The next semester starts on Jan 12th so this will give me a little break to try to get things sorted out and if I'm really lucky maybe do a little stitching. I have been just dying to start on a needlefelted sheep pattern that I found in a magazine called Create & Decorate. It's my nev faviorate magazine !! It's just slam packed full of all sorts of primitive patterns. Man , I wish that I could quite working that would really free up some time for stitching :) The puppies are doing great , I hate the new camera though , the pictures always look so blurry ! I'll try to get some decent ones of them to post.