Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am so proud of myself :) i got a good bit of my short list done yesterday. I got this chinese coin quilt sandwhiched and quilted and I also made the backing for it. I used up a fair amount of scraps in the backing and also a orphan block :) I still have to stitch on the binding, which is srappy also, but I'll save that for another day. Also yesterday I finished the Redwork on the November swap quilt and I have picked out the fabric for the border, I'll sew that on a diffrent day. I got my room almost all the way clean and I'll finish that up today before I go to work. I still have a bunch of clothes that I need to sort through. I started hanging up a bunch of my mini quilts and as soon as I get them all hung I'll show ya'll a pic of my mini's wall.

I got most of the yucky stitching ripped out of Isis's quilt , only about 12 more inches to go. I'll finish the ripping tonight at work while my client is asleep. I got almost 90 charm squares cut, packaged and ready to go and I'll go by the post office today to mail them.
Man it's cold outside today. It was very cold last night, normally I sit outside and stitch all night while my client sleeps but last night I stayed in his house and cranked up the heater :) It's looking like tonight will be the same.