Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Mini Finish - Teaser

I finshed my little Fall Swap quilt last night. I am very proud of myself, from start to finish this little mini was finished in one day :) This little quilt measures about 9 1/2 inches square . I just love the back of it - I wish that I had more of the orange acorn fabric but I only had this itty bitty piece left so I placed it onto the backing instead of cutting it up.I will show a full shot of it as soon as my partner recives it so for now all I can show is this little teaser photo.

It feels so good to finally finish something :) I'm having to change directions on my ALQS quilt as I was almost done with the buttonhole stitching on it and my poor little quilt has an accident. I had left an ink pen sitting by it and the darn pen leaked ink overnight so my pretty little quilt now has a huge yucky black stain :( I am going to put together a "just in case" top. I plan to try to get out the stain but in case I can't I need to have a back up plan.

Wanted to give ya'll a heads up Tonya of Lazy Gal is holding a stitch along and if it is going to turn out like the last 2 stitch alongs it will be really neat :) Please go have a look ---


katelnorth said...

Oh no - I do hope the pen comes out - how incredibly annoying!