Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art Quilt

Well this is the start of my little art quilt for the swap over on the Surface Designs Yahoo Group. I am loving how it is turning out though I think I'm going in a totaly diffrent direction than everyone else. I think they are all doing something a bit more mixed media and mine is not so much . I'm kinda worried that they won't like it .

But anyways let me tell ya'll a little about it. The base fabric is a piece of scrap muslin that I used to soak up some left over dyes, the dragonfly was made frome some bits of fancy fabrics that had fusible attached to them. They were fixing to go into the trash when i recued them with this project in mind. The threads are leftovers from cross stitch kits and the blade of grass that the dragonfly is sitting on is a scrap of hand dyed fabric that a friend of mine was about to throw away.

I got the insperation for this piece from the dragonfly's that have invaded my yard this year. I love watching them flying around catching bugs. A couple of weeks ago I saw the prettiest gold dragonfly sitting on a blade of grass in my front yard. It seemed like it sat there forever , maybe it was sleeping ? Anyways it looked so peaceful with the Bahaia grass waving in the background that I just knew I had to recreate it in fabric.

The camera just can't pick up the details very well, the wings are so transparent and shimmery looking with little bits of colour and they are outlines with a pale purple stem stitch in 1 stand of floss. The eye's are almost mettalic looking in person , very neat, And the body of this little bugger just shines :) I love it so much and I hope that my partner will also. I still have alot left to do on it though, there is a bunch more grass that needs to be put in and I am wanting to see if I can add a few more bugs to this. I'm thinking a ladybug, bee's, maybe some more dragonfly's in the distance. I really need to get stitching faster though as the deadline is less than a month away and I'll need at least a week to quilt and bind it.


Doreen K. said...

It is beautiful. I love the colors and the dragonfly, looks as dainty as a real one. Great job.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Amy if your partner doesn't like it could you just pass it on to me? I love it! I love the background and the way the dragonfly shimmers. blessings, marlene

blackbearcabin said...

looks like your off to a beautiful start :)
dont be intimidated by the other folks...everyone loves to rcv something they wouldnt be able to make themselves, and your piece is lovely!
have fun~

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! What a good use of your leftovers. Wish I could see it in person to enjoy all the little nuances.

Louise Page

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! What a good use of your leftovers. Wish I could see it in person to enjoy all the little nuances.

Louise Page

katelnorth said...

Nice start :)

Just wanted to say hi and ask if you'd had an email from me with your ALQS2 partner info - please let me know!