Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Super busy now ;)

Well I have almost got the little mini from last post all quilted up, it's comming out so nice. I am using mettalic gold for the quilting, just a bit more of the boder left to go. I will post a pic as soon as I get it all done. Isis's little doll quilt is all finished and as soon as she will let me pry it from her I'll post a pic of that too :) I have been thinking alot about the 200th post that is near and I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing a mini quilt give away. I have a few idea's bouncing around in my head for it !

Also I have signed up for a mini quilt swap, I am very excited. Partners will be being assigned in a few days and I just can't wait !! And I have also signed up for another mini quilt swap on one of the Yahoo groups that I belong to. In this swap you need to make a art quilt wallhanging using only recycled materials. This one will be very challenging for me but I think it will be in a good way. I have so many rescued items ( mostly from Goodwill ) sitting in the craft closet that this will be a wonderful way to use up some of them. I have an idea for this one that involves a dragonfly, flowers, lots of beads that I've taken off of old clothes and a ton of hand embroidery. I really need to get busy on it as it has a due date of September. I hope to have time tommorow to do an outline for it to see if what I want to do will work. I have several gallon sized baggies of silk that I would like to put a dent in.


audreypawdrey said...

Looking forward to seeing both of your mini/doll quilts! I am also quite curious about this recycled art quilt that you have an enormous stash of silk for.

StitchinByTheLake said...

All recycled stuff - I'm not sure I could do it! I'm the world's worst at getting rid of stuff and wishing later I'd kept it. :) I have so little storage space in this house that I often just get disgusted and toss stuff out. But it would sure be fun to try that! Blessings, marlene