Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Swap ;)

Well ya'll I have embarked on yet another swap .

It will be an 8 in block when it is finished , I am making a few more to go with it though I haven't decided if it's gonna be a 6 or 9 block wall hanging . I'm not so sure that I'm really fond of the peach peice at the top of the block but it tie's in really well with the fabric right below it. I might add some lace to the peach to kinda tone it down a little bit . For anyone who might be intrested in joining this swap it is being hosted by Gerry on CQN ( a yahoo group ) , her blog can be found in my sidebar


Gerry said...

I like your block, Amy. I'm excited to see it partially embellished!

Susan said...

That's your fall block, then? Very nicely coordinated colors! I'll be interested to see what embellishments you use.

Mary said...

Hi Amy, thanks for the comment on my blog. I really like your block. I think most people think of reds, oranges, and browns for fall. Southerners have a whole different color palette for fall, pretty any colors work. Aren't we lucky!!!