Saturday, June 21, 2008

Insanly Busy Around Here

Wow life is going nuts at the moment ! Cleo is in heat and has been placed with Junior. Demon Dog is in heat and has been placed with Rookie.And it's looking like there is not end in sight to the extra long work hours :( Yesterday I got a call from my bank letting me know that my paycheck had bounced - my account was in the negative so bad because of the bounced paycheck. Thankfuly my boss made good on the bad check and the NSF fee's but I was in panic mode for awhile !
What else - Oh yeah , I've been able to finish 3 of my little Periwinkle blocks for the Stash Challenge/ 5 Finish Challenge. Slow going but I'm loving how they are comming out ! I can get 1 done a day - wish I could get 2 or 3 done a day but the block is just to hard and I'm a very slow at hand sewing. At this rate it will be awhile before I have all 12 blocks done ! Then the sashing and boders.I plan on going to the LNS Saterday to pick out boder fabric for it. If I get really lucky I'll be able to post pic's of the blocks soon, the camera is acting up and doesn't want to upload my pic's to the computer but I'll try to get that all sorted out today.If you get a chance hop on over to Marlene's blog - stitching by the lake ( link in my sidebar) - and see how much she has finished this week. Marlene has been one very busy lady !!