Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stash Challenge / 5 Finishes Challenge

Well I have picked out some of the fabrics that I will be useing for this challenge, I am going to try to pair it with the 5 Finishes by July Challenge. My plan is to make and finish 5 mini quilt tops by the end of July - very do-able I think :) I will post pic's of the fabric's and my little bit of progress on top 1 later on today, I have another 14 hour shift today so I should be able to get a good bit done.
For the first mini quilt I will be making the Periwinkle blocks. I was going to use them for the upcomming mini block swap but have decided that the block just takes to long. Yesterday it took me almost 2 hours to cut the pieces and to get the block sewn together. I have also relized that I am horrible at hand sewing and that I really don't enjoy hand sewing as much as I thought I would !! The set-in seams on this block are a real booger, I hope the blocks that I do today go quicker than the first one LOL :)
I found a cool 3 in star block for the swap though - it's paper pieced here is a link to it :

They have a couple other patterns on this site that I would like to do for the challenges but I'll think about that after I get the first top done. I think I am going to really like doing mini's