Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stash Busting Report

Well it is Sunday yet again, boy this week flew by !! I had a large list of things that I wanted to get done this week and did pretty good. Here was my list.

1. Of course the Block of the Week block (done)

2. Finish quilting Isis's Grandmother's Fan quilt. (almost )

3. Sew up all the ornies for the ornie exchange (2 of 5 done )

4. Quilt 2 more blocks of the Sampler quilt. (nope )

5. Add a couple of more rows to the Bowtie quilt. ( 2 more added)

6. Do a little bit more on the orphan quilt ( done )

So overall not bad considering that I worked 63 hours this week. Even without the school work life tends to get in the way :( Here is my list for this upcomming week :

1. Block of the Week

2. A little more on the Orphan Block Quilt

3. stitch 2 more ornies

4. 1 Bowtie Row

5. unpick the mess up I made on Isis's quilt

6. Try not to stress over quilting the Sampler Quilt

7. Put together a trade block

Hope I do better this week than I did last week !