Saturday, July 26, 2008

More free Redwork patterns

This is the cutest little redwork mini quilt :) I was up way to early this morning and I've run across a bunch of redwork patterns that I thought some of you might enjoy.To find these patterns go here :

For some Kewpie day of the week babies go here :

I just love this pattern it can be found over at the patternbee and they also have several more that are really neat. Go here to get the patterns :

Also go here for some really neat redwork patterns :

This pattern and quite a few others can be found here :


susan said...

thanks so much for all the linkies
i love kewp's and that quilting woman is great

jenclair said...

Synchronicity at work! I've spent all morning working on posts for this week. One of them has to do with some of these adorable vintage embroidery patterns. One of my links is to Pattern Bee, but not to this page. I'm waiting on permission to use a couple of photographs of embroidered buttons for this post--which will probably be Tues. or Wed.

Great minds think alike? Or the power of the internet on surfing junkies? :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking for some Redwork patterns... and I found your blog... THank you for the links. Also, I found it pretty neat your a rattie mommy... I have 3 bratty Ratties myself :O)