Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I need help --- please

I am working on stitching up some gifts for some very special blogging buddies and I need some more idea's. So far I have pincushions sewn up but what else should I add? Do you have some favorite gifts that you stitch up for quilting friends ? What would you like to recive ?


Holee said...

This year I made needle cases & CQ beaded birds. I have made quilted folded ornaments and quilted folded pot holders in the past. Also one year I made tea cozy's and a scissor holder from folding and sewing a pot holder together. I have also made mini totes for carrying projects in your purse, cell phone cases and hot pads.

Linda said...

What about a cover for a Bible or book? Or even a cover that can hold a pad of paper for grocery list or notes?
Good luck!

tisme said...

Needle cases are always a great item and you can never have enough. There are a lot of great patterns and ideas online for these. Also I got a gift that is a small pincushion on one end of a long piece of ribbon with a snap on the other end to hold a small pair of scissors for when embroidering. I can`t think what they are called.
BTW, love your blog. Found it through my friend Bea.